The Sherlock Holmes

Have you ever fell in love? Have you ever lost the loved-ones? Probably, everybody has answers, save your answers. Recently, I have also experienced both, the ineffable pleasure of loving someone and excruciating pain of losing someone. There wasn’t a second of a minute of an hour of every day when I don’t miss it. My love started a few months ago when I entered in one of the opulent shops of connaught place of Delhi and accost for the price of my love. Don’t be startled! My surreal love was for the non-real thing,  My love was for ‘a book’, conceived by reverent writer Sir Author Conan Doyle, I have tried too hard to  procrastinated the last chapter ‘The adventure of the retired colourman’ for the sake of not losing it but at last I have been brought to my fate. Probably some of you would have got the conjecture of the book, yes; it is ‘The Sherlock Holmes’.

Most of you would have got familiar with the name ‘The Sherlock Holmes’ either through movie or T.V series or novel. I have seen all the three, Believe me, latter is far better than the former two. This novel is about two companions, Mr John H. Watson (retired army doctor) and Mr Sherlock Holmes (august sleuth). They started their journey of investigation from Baker Street of London to solve crimes. The astonishing thing about this novel is that Mr. Holmes used trivial things and common senses to solve intricate crimes. As per my perceptiveness, Sir Author Conan Doyle, in his unequivocal novel implied that every common human being is superhero, and their super-power is common sense.

This is not just a novel for passing time, having fun, satiating reading cravings, or improving knowledge it will change the ‘living’. It will change how you perceive, interpret, analyse and respond to anything. You will start noticing the petty, trifling, disgusting, silly things and how these things reveal and divulge the great information of use. It will broaden the spectrum of your common sense. You can feel the change in yourself after reading the very first chapter of this novel.

This is my maiden attempt to write a blog and the only thing which encouraged me to write was my inextricable love for this novel. This novel will imbue you with unusual peculiar senses, which is always present inside you, but you have never explored it. I entreat earnestly to the readers of this blog, please, do not deprive yourself with the gift given by Sir Author Conan Doyle 100 years ago, it is of inestimable value.


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